A strong network

We have over 10 years in managing EU funded projects and we have established a large network with universities, public institutions, enterprises’ associations, non-profit organizations, among others, at national and European level.


Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität Münster

By offering modular courses of study leading to bachelor and masters degrees, WWU makes international exchanges easier and ensures high-quality teaching. Website

UPI-ljudska univerza Zalec

UPI-ljudska univerza Žalec (UPI Žalec) is a public, non-profit institution for education and training of adults in the Savinja Valley with a 40-year-old tradition. Website

University of Zagreb

The University of Zagreb is the oldest and biggest university in South-Eastern Europe and now consists 29 faculties, three art academies and the Centre for Croatian Studies. Website

University of Vienna

The University of Vienna was founded by Duke Rudolph IV in 1365. It is the oldest university in the German-speaking world and one of the largest in Central Europe. Website

University of Verona

The University of Verona is a public university. It has about 25,000 students and 1,500 staff including lecturers, researchers, technical and administrative personnel. Website

University of Seville

The University of Seville is a ’Public Law’ institution, founded in 1505 and the second biggest Spanish university by its number of students. Website

University of Salford

University of Salford contributes enormously to the local economy and its expertise transforming communities through excellent research, innovation and engagement. Website

University of Bedfordshire

The University was created in August 2006 following the merger between the University of Luton and DMU’s Bedford campus, and has achieved outstanding success. Website

Université de Bordeaux

The University of Bordeaux is an association of higher education institutions. The group is the largest system of higher education schools in southwestern France. Website

Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya

UPC is a public institution dedicated to higher education and research, specialized in the fields of architecture, engineering and technology. Website

Universitat de Lleida

University of Lleida is a research group based at the Campus of the University of Igualada, and is the continuing entity of the R&D and technology transfer. Website

Universidade do Minho

Today, the University is recognized for competence and quality of teachers, for excellence in research for the broad range of graduate and postgraduate education. Website
UCP_cores directas

Universidade Católica Portuguesa

Portuguese Catholic University objectives are to promote research and university studies, cultural development on an intellectual, artistic, moral, and spiritual level. Website

Universidad de Zaragoza

The University of Zaragoza is located in the Aragon region of Spain. It is one of the oldest universities in Spain, with a history dating back to the Roman period. Website

Universidad de Vigo

Universidade de Vigo has established itself as a first-rate public university with a solid educational project focusing on the main technological, humanistic and areas. Website

Universidad de Valencia

This significant effort has turned the University of Valencia into a modern, global university. It has become a leader in the application of new technologies. Website