TransForm@ aims to increase competitiveness and job opportunities in rural areas by encouraging e-commerce. It will enhance young people digital and e-business related skills; develop youth entrepreneurial spirit in an international dimension; and facilitate the transition from training to the world of work.


Apps4Carers contributes to the wellbeing of informal carers by overcoming barriers which limit them and their care recipients from benefiting from the information and social participation opportunities offered by ICTs. It aims to develop a mobile application that will serve as a compact, usable and informative library of applications for carers.


The Knowledge4Foot project contributes to promoting European excellence and high quality in higher education.  It introduces innovative tools to adapt and update the learning and training curricula of higher education providers for managers, designers, and engineers, in order to achieve greater creativity, innovation and high performance in European footwear manufacturing and related sectors.


ParentNets provides attractive and relevant material for parents, in order to prevent their children from being exposed to the risks arising from the Internet and the Social Networks. The main project outcomes are a multimedia handbook for parents and a serious game raising awareness for online safe practices.



UISEL aims to improve the content and quality of training courses for teachers and staff that work with senior citizens, regarding the benefits of new technologies and focusing on the use of mobile devices.



INGA3D aims to extend innovative software solutions and 3D technologies for  footwear computer-aided design by introducing it in vocational training through the capacitation of VET professionals.



LEXSHA aims to develop a user-friendly environment for training VSE (very small enterprises), while enhancing collaboration and knowledge exchange among the participants.



eCity aims to design an online collaborative city-development simulation platform exploiting Problem Based Learning challenges to be used to scaffold learning in engineering schools, and also in secondary school applied to Math and Sciences.



iFiscus aims to provide the necessary support and to increase the financial awareness of adult people enabling them to effectively manage their personal budgets with the support of web tools.



GABALL aims to promote the communication skills of SME managers and staff in the context of Internationalization. The project is producing a Serious Game platform that will integrate digital role-play language learning scenarios.