Management and contents for the INGA3D project

The INGA 3D project aims to extend, in four complementary ways, the innovative software solutions and the 3D technologies for  footwear computer-aided design developed by INESCOP and RED 21 SL (Spain) under the brand of Icad 3D+:

1) by transferring the innovation of the product to other countries, namely Romania, Portugal, and UK;

2) by developing skills and competencies in 3D footwear computer-aided design which will enable VET professionals (teachers, trainers and tutors) to teach ICT based technical courses for supporting creativity and innovation  among students/trainees/pupils;

3) by developing new training contents and supportive tools for e-learning  based on units of learning outcomes and competencies in order to ensure effective assessment, evaluation and validation;

4) by setting up an Online Learning Platform.