• Designing Applications for European  and National funding;
  • External Evaluation of Projects and Programmes;
  • Certification and Accreditation;
  • Continuous Improvement of Services;
  • Lean Office Guidance.

E-learning  and E-training Services

  • Installing, hosting and customizing e-learning platforms for Universities;
  • Installing, hosting and customizing e-learning platforms for SME’s;
  • Integrating e-learning platforms with existing Portals and Information Systems;
  • Definition and implementation of an organizational e-learning strategy;
  • Designing course templates;
  • Specific content design and development.
  • Design and organization of e-learning courses;
  • e-Learning content design and development;
  • Advanced multimedia content production;
  • Help-desk (24/7) service for trainers, teachers and students;
  • Project financing through National and European programmes;
  • Certification and accreditation procedures;
  • Blended learning as a success factor for academic activities;
  • Successful organisational strategies for e-learning.

Interaction and Games

  • Usability and acessibility certification;
  • Functional and graphical redesign of web sites;
  • Conformance with usability and accessibility standards;
  • Design and development of new e-learning tools;
  • Use of game environments for learning;
  • Mobile learning development.