Our projects

In the last ten years we have lead and participated in more than 20 European projects in the field of educational technology, addressing different target groups, domains and platforms.

Innovation is the change that unlocks new value

4D Culture

The project introduces an online portal used for the purposes of education, information and entertainment.


The project aims to improve the attractiveness of vocational studies in footwear to the new generation.


Aims to improve Cyber Security skills among non-technical staff/VET learners by using the “Escape Rooms” approach.

XR Skills

The project foster teachers and educators soft skills in the use of Virtual Reality for training and education.


The project aims to train adults with disabilities to enhance their digital skills.


The project aims to encourage youth rural entrepreneurship by providing theoretical and practical knowledge and skills.


The Social Connections project aims to develop digital pedagogical competences of C-VET educators in the social sector.


SILVERCODERS (Digital Literacy Improvement Through Effective Learning experiences for Adults).