Our projects

In the last ten years we have lead and participated in more than 20 European projects in the field of educational technology, addressing different target groups, domains and platforms.

Innovation is the change that unlocks new value


The project helps build a range of skills that are required in sustainability education and beyond.

Skills4Smart TCLF Industries 2030

Skills4Smart TCLF aims to enhance the modernization and competitiveness of the EU Textile.


DeSTRESS aims to provide a VET-based solution to the problem of the work-related stress.


The HomeCare project is a response to the existing and widening lack of skills in providing home care for the elderly.


The iTRAIN project objective is to address the training gap by providing a set of mobile-based digital training content.

STEAM People

The STEAM People project aims at designing tools and resources to integrate STEAM.


CRITICAL project aims to empower adults so they are able to adopt safe approaches when dealing with online content.


This project aims to equip the sector with updated high-level skills required to meet the increasing consumer demands.