Interactive web portal that represents main output of the project.
This is a platform for full run of prepared multimedia dictionary (terms + explanation in 10 languages) on internet. Web portal is the communication platform for dissemination of the project results and available toolfor sustainable using of created multilanguage guide. Electronic version of the explanatory language guide will be mainly focused on target groups which have got used to using the internet and web translators for their common work with vocational foreign language.

The Electronic dictionary will offer the users different choices of source material, search routes, and level of detail to meet the user’s needs and demands such as text to speech, sophisticated searching options for less time-consuming processes and dictionary-external linking possibilities which together with storage capability will allow the enrichment of the existing database and ensure sustainability. It will be registered a new web address for this purposes.The language guide will be accessible also from tablets and mobile devices.

WEBSITE: https://dicshoenary.eu