Online store to distribute the products resulting from the INGA3D project.
In the scope of the INGA3D project, VIRTUAL CAMPUS developed an online store to distribute the products resulting from the project.

The INGA 3D project aims to transfer and extend innovative software solutions and 3D technologies for computer-aided footwear design. This will be achieved through four complementary activities:

by transferring the innovation from Spain to other countries, namely Romania, Portugal, and UK;
by developing skills and competencies in 3D footwear computer-aided design in VET professionals (teachers, trainers and tutors) so that they can teach ICT based technical courses that support creativity and innovation among their own VET students/trainees;
by developing new training content and supportive e-learning tools based on units of learning outcomes and competencies. This will ensure effective assessment, evaluation and validation;
by setting up an Online Learning Platform.
The project brings together universities, research and training centres, adult education providers and IT companies. The consortium has partners with great pedagogical experience in development and evaluation of methodologies for education and technical vocational training. Also, there are partners with experience in vocational training, and research and development for the footwear industry.

The project products will introduce innovative solutions for e- learning in order to test and to validate new teaching methodologies and approaches suitable for vocational training in footwear computer-aided design. The online platform will integrate various flexible learning scenarios and supportive tools for learning. The new training content and its supportive guide will be designed, developed, tested and evaluated in line with the best practices identified by partners in their institutions, countries and elsewhere in Europe. It will contribute to developing skills and competencies of VET professionals in order to face with the future challenges.